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December 9, 2011
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Toni by zodevstudios Toni by zodevstudios
Toni - Blue Soul Duplication Device is associated with power, integrity, and seriousness.

It's the 24th century and mankind is on the verge of giving free will to robots. This is accomplished by mapping the soul of a person into a robot. Children are randomly selected at birth to be used in the study. A Soul Duplicating Device is placed over their hearts to monitor their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as they grow up. When the children turn eighteen the device is placed into an unaware robot. The robots are activated after being shipped to a distant planet for observation. The planet is an artificial world in which robots rule themselves. They have created a system of government similar to that of 20th century America. These robots have the freedom to take any action they desire, and there's nothing in their programming to prevent them from lying, stealing, or even killing. They only have the moral compass of the Soul Duplicating Device to guide them through existence. Can 6 young robots stay pure when introduced into a primitive environment where fear, greed, and corruption rule? Will they allow their environment to darken their hearts, or will their souls continue to burn bright? After 10 years they will be judged by their creators to determine if they are virtuous enough to co-exist with their human counterparts.

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I think this my favorite out of these robots, also, when will this movie be released?
wow, this is so interesting idea and concept alone!!! But I also like the result of the duplicated version: shiny, clean and credible to me (with all the little details like joints and layers of metal joining making it plausible for this robot to move like human). I usually think and analyze a bit more than people should when seeing such art, but if all makes perfect sense, I only can appreciate the artists time and thought devoted to create each detail! And well, this is very beautiful as well!
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